Singing Bowl Therapy - Use Your Singing Bowls For Stress Relief

Singing bowls are one of the oldest styles of wind chimes. A standing bowl or hanging bell is usually an inverted cone, supported by the inside edge with the outside rim slightly higher than its bottom edge. These types of Silver Sky bells are usually long-stemmed, and vary in size, from a couple centimetres to several metres in diameter. Their names come from the sound that they produce, which is a deep musical tone.

As well as being used to help create tones, singing bowls work in a deeper level to help with deeper levels of relaxation. When you inhale the vibrations they excite the parasympathetic nervous system, helping you to have a general feeling of well-being. The more you use them the more apparent this quality becomes.

Although some bowl shapes are better for producing different sounds, it's best not to rely purely on one bowl shape. If you want to meditate with singing bowls, you need to vary the pitches and frequencies of the sounds, to ensure that you get the best effect. For most beginners, an eight inch bowl should be fine. It can be quite useful for beginners to start with a bowl no longer than four inches in diameter as well, so that they can practice balance and technique. to learn more about the singing bowl therapy, click here.

Once you've found your ideal singing bowls, try varying the size and length of the bowl, so that you can determine how much sound it produces and which areas of the sound are the most pleasing to you. You may find that you prefer the tighter, snappy sound produced by the larger bowls, while someone else may prefer the looser, softer sound. This comes down to personal preference. One thing you do need to remember, though, is that you should never play your bowl too close to your body. If you do, you will end up "pushing" yourself out of the comfort zone, rather than truly listening to the sound.

In general, singing bowl therapy is beneficial for those who wish to relax and release their stressors from their bodies. By using the bowls to resonate the body, it allows you to concentrate on internalizing your breathing instead of fighting against external stimuli. If done properly, it can also allow you to focus on the positive aspects of life instead of dwelling on what's missing or wrong. Of course, it helps to have your own music collection to sing along with!  Find out more details in relation to this topic here:

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